Drivers Meetings Planned

February 13, 2024

Coffee mornings will take place across the county for Cancer Connect Voluntary Drivers. It’s a great chance to sit and chat with other drivers and share stories. There’s always new information available on the day and a chance to ask questions etc. The meetings are really about the Team, working together, deciding what is best practice for the service, knowing who to meet for a cuppa while waiting in Cork etc.

Sometimes being a Cancer Connect voluntary Driver can feel like you are the only one driving in the team. It’s nice to see the big picture and see what everyone else is up to. For the Cancer Connect staff, it’s a chance for us to get to know the Drivers better. We are constantly texting and phoning, the coffee mornings are a great chance to put a face to the name and get to know the Driver better.

We are looking for Volunteer Drivers

Thinking of volunteering as a driver? Download and send us your completed application form below. Volunteer Drivers are asked to commit to one day per month if possible.