Transport to Cancer Treatments

Cancer Connect co-ordinate transport to Cork hospitals for people requiring Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and related treatments


Cancer Connect is a totally free service. The service is supported by voluntary donations and fundraising.


Passenger details and schedules are completely confidential.


Cancer Connect provides flexible arrival and departure times, catering for appointment delays etc.


Punctuality is of upmost importance, integral to bringing a passenger to an appointment in a safe and timely manner.


Cancer Connect transport is provided year-round, throughout holidays and Covid restrictions.

County Wide

Transport is provided throughout County Cork with the exception of City Suburbs and surrounds.

Radiotherapy Appointments

The radiotherapy service leaves each weekday from Rockchapel, Goleen, Youghal and Castletownbere, based on demand, and travels to CUH and Bon Secours Radiotherapy Departments. In agreement with the hospitals, radiotherapy treatment is scheduled around passenger arrival times. The service may be provided in an 8 Seater to accommodate several passengers attending appointments travelling on the same route.

This is significant, as the appointments are scheduled for the same time daily, thus alleviating the challenge of having to arrange different pick-up times for each day travelling.

our service run five days a week for every week

Cancer Related Appointments

Passengers requiring Chemotherapy, or attending related appointments such as Consultant visits, Scans, blood tests, wig clinics, dental hospital etc. are taken to Cork by car. Appointments can vary and some may necessitate visits to different hospital locations, within the one trip.

These trips are organised on a ‘one to one’ basis. The appointment times are set by the hospitals and duration varies. Therefore, there is a dedicated Driver assigned to each cancer related appointment; passenger is collected at home, brought to the appointment and then driven home directly. Passengers may require a family member to travel too, which is facilitated and encouraged.
we provide flexible appointments to cater for varying visits

About Cancer Connect

Cancer Connect is a not for profit organisation with charitable status that co-ordinates transport to Cork hospitals for passengers attending Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatments, and cancer related appointments.

Cancer Connect has been in operation since 2011. Cancer Connect is a free, flexible and confidential service, that runs five days a week to Cork hospitals. The service is driven entirely by volunteer drivers.

Transport for passengers was offered in West Cork originally but due to growing demand, the service is now offered throughout County Cork, with the exception of City Suburbs and surrounds.

Cancer Connect is now firmly established in communities as a vital support for many to access Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment in Cork Hospitals. To date, over 34,500 passenger journeys have been recorded.

The service is operated entirely by volunteer drivers

Passenger Journeys
Volunteer Drivers

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Volunteer as a driver?

The key to the service is the many people who volunteer and drive to Cork City hospitals in their own car or a Cancer Connect owned vehicle. The Volunteer Driver is asked to commit one day per month if possible.
To this end, Cancer Connect is indebted to the many people who are supporting the project since its inception. As the demand for the service grows so too will the need for further fundraising to offset the costs of operations and fuel, etc.

planning ahead to deal with increase in service demand

A number of significant developments are planned over the coming year which should help. The fact that the service has grown so quickly over the past few years demonstrates the need for such a service.

For instance, the service has extended to the North Eastern part of the County for example from Mitchelstown west to Charleville and east to Youghal.

With such development comes the need to increase the panel of Drivers in the area so a recruitment drive is planned for 2022 to add to the team of dedicated Drivers already on the road.


12 Barrack Street, Bantry, Co. Cork
MON-FRI 09:00 - 17:00